specific calling in passion.

In thought class today we talked about existentialism; basically the philosophy that nothing matters and there is no purpose to anything but a world full of passion. Passion that still has no purpose and passion that is aimed at various things. That mankind has nothing but passion and can choose to be courageous in pushing the passion toward something. To me it has to be courageous to beleive in a philosophy of nothingness or meaninglessness. If we have passions, who cares if there is no purpose for them?

I don’t believe any of that. I believe you and I both have a passion and we BOTH have a purpose. Jesus Christ is our purpose and the passion is used to share Him and glorify Him.

On page fifty of Called and Accountable there is a story about a women named Judith. In 24 hours she became legally blind and hard of hearing. God did not heal her, but used her to heal the pain of others. She started and pursued a passion to mobilize and serve those with dissabilities. She was able to motivate the town council to make the city of Phoenix more accessable to those in need of special help. She worked with Christian publishers to translate books into brail, A language the fingers can read for those who’s eyes dont work.

What a blessing it was that God used Judith, not in her healing but in her disability to serve others. I think God has given me trials or allowed hardships so that I may learn to lean wholly on Him and trust in no other than the great I-AM. It is He alone who satisfys and He alone who is able to turn what seems like tradgedies into blessings. Praise God for death. It helps us see eternity more clearly and pain to feel joy more deeply.

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