Saying bye to the Souzas’

The Souza’s gracious allowed me to live with them for my last semester of school after meeting and getting to know me as first, Josiah and Claire’s Sunday School teacher and then as a babysitter.

I had asked them to pray for me to find a place to live and they offered to take me in and it was one of the best semesters. I learned so much about fighting to protect your marriage, about loving one another and how to parent kids in a way that sets them up for joy in their future . I’m so thankful to have been loved, cared for, thought of, prayed with and taken in for those months and now supported by this family to move over the ocean and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Today I said goodbye to their smiley faces and will miss them dearly.


Levi their youngest was born right before I moved out but he was well loved and prayed for during pregnancy.


Annaleigh grace is a snuggle bug, she loves to be held and hugged and swung in circles. She is independant but loves her time being close.


Aaron Mann’s love language has to be quality time because he always wants to be by you. Aaron loved to watch me cook, sometimes help, he loved doing puzzles, or playing a game with me, didn’t really matter which one.


Claire Bailey is the most girly girl. She loves all things pink, princess and beautiful. I’m sure her love language is verbal affirmation. From when I barely knew her she walked up to me during class and said “Miss Samm, I think your shoes are really pretty.” (that day I had glittery flats on with a silk bow on the toes)


Josiah Daniel is the romantic. He would tell me, “Miss Samm, you look really beautiful today.” Josiah loved to give me hugs and kisses goodbye and sit next to me on the couch so I could rub his back, His love language is obviously touch.


I will miss them all dearly, and am sure I will be welcomed back with lots of love next summer.

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