The Blondes are Back


IMG_1969And… We’re back for round two.

These four girls have been friends since early grade school and are excited to share new things with you as they’ve come back together this fall for high school.

IMG_2032Their favorite thing about fall is the pretty colors, the temperature, layering up clothes and of course fall fashion.

Latest obsessions include coffee, tea, sweats, dried fruit and Netflix, especially the show Friends.


IMG_2134The things they most look forward to in the next year are sections, holiday baking, making new friends in highschool, finishing the year with honors, activities with the youth group and more photoshoots.

The thing they most love about each other is that they can always be themselves, and they understand each other. They usually know if something is wrong before its spoken and help each other out with problems. They all have a love for knowing Jesus and that they make an active effort to love each other and not to put each other down.


In the last year they say they love how they get to see each other more but even when they don’t they still have fun. That they have matured and grown closer together. They are more open about negatives in their lives and changes because they have all grown in their faith which holds them together and allows them to be more transparent with each other.







This is Tori. If she had to go off to college now, she would go to Northwestern to study Bible, Language and music but has no idea what specific job she would want to have. She would most miss things that were in her regular routine. If she could go anywhere she would go to Haiti “!!!” and Europe for fun. In her free time she plays soccer, plays/listens to and practices music and goes on adventures with her friends.


This is Mariah. She isn’t sure where she would study but definitely at a university. She wants to study something with health and kids, so she can either do something with kids’ health or sports injuries. She would most miss home cooked meals and sleeping in her own bed. She wants to be in Haiti now and forever. Netflix fills her free time if homework doesn’t.


This is Hannah. She wants to go to Wheaton in Illinois and feels like God hasn’t revealed to her yet what to study or what kind of job yet besides doing full-time ministry. She would most miss her mom, dad and her cats. She would love to be in Swaziland, Africa right now “<3” and her free time is filled with soccer, netflix, and talking with her friends.



This is Jo. She wants to go anywhere that supports her future, maybe Iowa State or to Graceland and study something medical or computer science. She wants to do something working with computers, coding software. “Maybe for Apple-that would be cool!” She says she would most miss her family, neighbors, alone time, free food and “of course” pets.  She wants to go back to Europe, or to New Zealand or a secluded island off the coast of Australia or Nana and Papa’s farm in Iowa. Jo spends her free time mostly swimming, but also doing homework, being alone and making/editing videos.



xox the freshies