August Learnings

Month three of the 365 project under way!

1. New Month! one of my friends works at apple and when they help people they profile what you look like or what you are wearing so that they can find you later.

2. I learned that when Good Earth makes smoothies with flax seed, they grind up the seed first.

3. Today I learned that co-ops are awesome. Experienced my first one today.

4. Today I learned that my cousin Alex has an interview this week at an insurance company where my other cousin and aunt works. so cool!

5. Today, I learned that when you are filled with the spirit of God you have all the gifts of the spirit, just like you have all the fruits of the spirit (Galatians 5:16ish) . I never realized that before.

6. Today I learned that if you plug your nose, you can’t hum for a full 10 seconds. HA

7. Today I learned that garage sales are super fun to have. I definitely bonded with my siblings.

8. Today I learned that we will be purchasing our tickets out of America on September 3rd.

9. Without disclosing anything, God worked in mighty ways in one of my friends’ life. Thanking and praising Him for His grace when it’s hard to see He is working. I’m so thankful.

10. Today I learned that when you need forgiveness, not everyone is going to give it to you, some people will say you are too dirty, too sinful, not mature enough, or that its not sufficient. Whatever their reason, God is always enough and he gave you the forgiveness in His son, not them.

11. Today on my last shift at the restaurant I learned that there was a significant amount of people that had no clue I was moving overseas.

12. Today I learned that A. Megabus and greyhound are different. Which explains why I was late to the bus station thus making not only not getting the window seat, but having to sit next to someone. Thankfully she was a nice, chatty, friendly girl. She’s not a classroom learner so instead of going to college after high school she joined this program called WWoof. its basically an online database for farmers and farming interns who want to work and live on the farm where they are working. Ellie is currently working at an Herb farm in northern Minnesota learning lots about culinary herbs and medicinal herbs. Needless to say we had a interesting conversation about pot, catnip, spirits and the “god” in all of us. I didn’t agree with everything she said but really enjoyed hearing her point of view about life, people and nature.

13. Today I learned about how the Metra system works in Chicago. It was my first time on a train!

14. Today I learned that at my sisters surprise party they gave her a banner to wear and a tiara. not her typical garb, in any form.

15. Today I learned that when we go to Spain for Mid-year, the guys take the girls on dates. How fun.

16. Today I learned that “The Bean” in Chicago is made of a bunch of metal panels and the reason why its so cool is that its welded so well, you can’t see where any of the plates come together.

17. Today I learned that everyone on my team has Mac computers.

18. Today I learned that the song “a whole new world” in Aladin is perfectly acceptable as my theme song for this next year

19. Today I learned that Venice only has one street and besides sidewalks, the city is basically a bunch of islands with water canals as streets.

20. Today I learned that when your car is puffing white smoke and its covered in pink stuff you probably burnt coolant in the combustion chamber. The heck?

21. Today I learned that the new outlet center has a food court and its really different then Woodbury lakes even though it looks like it.

22. I learned that when the light rail stops, the doors are literally open for less than 30 seconds. Better move fast!

23. Today I learned that Laura, one of my best friend’s childhood friends really only reads theology books. Didn’t know that about her!

24. Today went to church at BBC for the last time before I leave for the year and learned that in the book of Daniel, when Daniel asked the king to interpret his dream, no one else got killed. And then all the guys Daniel saved, tried to get him killed even though Daniel had saved their lives. crazy.

25. Today I went to the state fair with my family and watched my dad do a bunch of pull ups. He’s buff.

26. Went and saw the movie ‘If I Stay’ and learned that Rosemount theatre changed all their seats into recliners. AWESOME

27. Today I learned about a couple who has lived in turkey for 4 years working at local universities. How sweet! We are ex pat buddies.

28. Today I learned how little bubble gum you need to blow a bubble and I also learned about new dynamics of the title 9 policies up and coming at the university level.

29. Today I learned how to play footgolf.

30. Today I mowed someone yard, and learned that its hard to push a mower up a hill.

31. Today I learned some sweet things about islam. Some of the questions that Islam background people have about God are really different from the questions westerners ask about God.

well thats a wrap! month, 3 going strong.

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