The List

Welcome to Project B. The second project I’m starting this year is a Bucketlist project.

Truthfully, the idea is still developing but it will be dreams, goals, lists, pictures, adventures and fulfillments coming together to capture the essence of this life.

Participants will vary in gifts, talents and desires. Stay tuned for updates on this new project starting soon.

I’m very excited to launch a creative part of me.

Look for the edition to this part of the blog as I document parts of Megan and Carly’s hearts this week.

**This project a year later is not at all what I imagined. I moved to the Middle East and my blogging fell to the wayside. I hope to change and develop this creative aspect of my heart and mind in the future but for now, “The List” has been merely some people I’ve encountered and how they see life, in my eyes.



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