Money Money Money

I read an article tonight on the Desiring God blog by Marshall Segal, a recent graduate of Bethlehem Seminary and current Executive Assistant to John Piper, Founder of DG.

This article questions where our hope is and where we find security based on where we spend our money. I’m also currently reading a book that is challenging me to think about why money is soooo taboo and how I can avoid the guilt it draws from me. Money is taboo because its deeply linked with what we value, it shows what is important to us and it reveals part of our hearts. We keep our budget, our spending, saving-or lack there of- and our giving a secret because we don’t want other people to see too much into our private lives.

I think this is true and Marshall says it well, “Inevitably, we will put our money where our hearts are. It’s a law of love. Your spending will either reveal your desire for God and for His fame in the world or it will help you identify your idols. If God makes you happy, your spending in love and ministry to others will say that. If other things have stolen your heart, you’ll tend to spend away valuable resources on temporary, selfish comforts and have little leftover for worthwhile ministry and relationships.”

May we pursue this week what is honorable, Good, profitable and loving with our money.

You can read the article he wrote here.

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