you only love as well as you love the ones you love the least.

welll shouuuuuuute. I feel like #abigfail if you ask me.

I thought I loved really well until I heard this. I was broken of my sinfulness, of my conditional love. I love people well who love me well back. I have a very very very hard time loving (especially girls) who don’t love me back. I think I am entitled to friendship and to respect. I think I’m entitled to at least a good attitude. *side note. I often think those who think they are above others NEED to respect me. I want respect from those who don’t respect me the most and usually get bitter when I think someone is cool and they don’t reciprocate the feelings. How selfish is it that I demand love from those who are not required to love, let alone even like me.

How can I grow in not just showing love but being love? I’m convinced there is only one answer…..

Meditate on the definition of love…. JESUS CHRIST.

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