life hurts.

Man its so crazy how the smallest things can take you away from Jesus. The saddest thing is when things that God intended for good take your eyes off of Him. In the last few months the Lord has been showing me how to have healthy friendships. I’m learning how to give and take and when to pull away and when to speak up. Its hard to know the borders you know? Its hard to know when to be selfless because we are called to and when to take time to rest and time to be filled up and when to say no and when to say YES!

I’m hurting because the flesh is far too tempting to handle on my own. I’m learning that my value is not found in people and my value is not found in the relationships I hold dear to my heart, whether new or old. Jesus is purging me one step at a time of the people that I love, starting with my Daddy last summer.

Now God brings people in my life to see if I can love them the way real love is described; giving them not what they want or what they think they need but actually what they really need. Jesus.

Do I love others well so that they’ll see Jesus through me or am I just loving myself? I know that I fail at being selfless. Daily it’s a fight to be humble enough to care for others above myself but I know that God’s grae is upon me. He is stretching me and growing me everyday in new ways.

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