Where and When? Here and Now.

God places all of us in a certain time a place for a reason. Not just that I was born in December of 1989 or that I was born in America instead of Germany but even to the littlest things like when I walked out of Moyer this evening from hanging out with people I ran into an old crush. Seriously God places things that little in our way to show and teach us things.

When we are overwelmed it is most important we take some reflection time to get everything settled. I’m beyond overwelmed with homework this week and getting past the point of doing homework to learn and enjoy but merely just to complete it on time for a grade. It really makes me miss taking Distance Education classes because all of the freedom of class time and deadlines vanished. Yes I missed staying up all night occasionally to cram study and the class discussions but i loved having the freedom to take a week off and not get penalized for it. I did my homework when I wanted to do my homework and somedays would watch movies and veg out and some days I would spend 6 straight hours hitting the books. That year I got a 4.0 and learned more in school and about myself than any other year of my life.

I changed my major to biblical studies and am beyond glad because I LOVE all my classes and am really enjoying the discussions and homework but find myself wanting to skip class just to complete everything on time. Its frustrating to be paying so much for school on my own and not being able to enjoy the process of learning or getting as much out of it as I’d like because I’m spending so much cram time getting it all done on time for a grade instead of to learn the material.

God please help me find the time to accomplish all that I need to get done and still get rest. I know I need to be a good steward of my time, as well as my money in that I do pursue relationships because college is not just about the academics but that I would seek to glorify you in all that I do, no matter what it ends up being. Please show and teach me about what you want me to learn most that I may use it for your kingdom. Amen.

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