timely obedience.

so lets pretend that someone asks us to clean our room..  at what point is it no longer obedience?

I started thinking about the example on pages 76-79 of Called and Accountable about Joseph, Jesus’ earthly father and his answer to God’s call immediately. If Joseph wasn’t instantly obedient his whole family would have been in danger. It’s sweet to see God’s hand in the little things but what a reminder of how important it is to listen to God’s call and act promptly. This summer I had a sin issue in my life that I knew needed to be gone but took me more than two weeks to give up and I really only gave it up because it was starting to not satisfy me the way I wanted it to be even in the moment anymore. This temptation was purged for a month or so and came back readily in a new form just over a week ago. The temptation was nipped in the butt about 9 days into it and I’m so thankful that although not immediately did I answer God’s call but faster this time. Hopefully next time it wont be an issue at all. Lets examine ways that the Lord calls us to obedience and practice being on time with the little things so He can trust us more with the big things

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