time invested

soccer: 26  hours this week

sleep: 46 hours

homework: more than 25 hours

class: 12 hours

eating and fellowship: 16-18 hours.

ministry: 12 hours

nannying: 3 hours

driving: 4 hours

church: 3

hours piddling.. hanging out.. wasting.. 7

I feel like I accounted for my weekley hours pretty well, but 7 hours is a lot of time wasting.. get ready for things and/or hours unaccounted for. How many of these things were time invested in eternity? I could justify soccer as glorifying to God through work ethic, Godly example, through joy or even through team bonding and investing in others; Same with church and class. But how much of that class time was I distracted by texting or thinking about other things. How much of the time I spent getting ready for the day was in vanity? How much of spending time with others was wasted on checking duties off a ministry list? Do I pour into those around me because I love Jesus and therefore I am truely loving them well?  Or do I simply love them to boost my ministry resume/ to boost my leadership skills/ to gain the respect of younger girls/ to look and feel smart as I lead these women?

Am I really loving them or am I just loving myself?

People live forever… and like the Blackaby’s said, “Time invested in people has eternal significance.” I think I really need to evaluate the time I spend trying to pour into younger girls because if I’m not loving them wholly by spending the time as an overflow of gratitude for what Christ has done for me then outwardly I may look like I’m loving them, and they may feel loved but I’m not glorifying Jesus if there is pride and selfishness in my heart. It would be better to step back for a week to evaluate then pretend I am loving them well by throwing something together for discipleship group.

I want to be a better steward of my time by not wasting it on piddling around campus hopeing to run into certain people or by being careless and not planning time effectively.

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