called and accountable

Why does God call us? What does called even mean? Generally I want to believe and say that God calls us all as believers to pursue righteousness and make disciples of all nations. Now, does he call us specifically? or maybe intentionally specifically?

I think yes! I think we all have a specific calling it just takes time to figure it out. Stated in Called and Accountable, “This was the Father’s way and is still the Father’s way in each of our lives when we believe in His son, Jesus Christ. The father calls us to His son and gives us to Him. Jesus is still entrusted with recieving us from the Father and giving us eternal life (John 17:2-3). He continues teaching and guiding each believer, molding the believer as the Father has intructed him until each knows the Father and responds to Him. Just as the early disciples experienced a relationship with Him by responding to His call immediately and totally, the more fully one responds, the more God uses that individual to go with Him and His risen son on a redemptive mission to the ends of the earth.”

Is that exciting or what?! God is calling each one of us! The more and faster we respond the bigger things we get to do for his kingdom. The more someone loves you, and earns your trust.. the more you trust them with something. God isnt going to give you crazy and bigĀ things right off the bat to do for his kingdom- you have to earn and prove that you will be obedient to the logical and small things first. Welllllll………….. LETS GET LISTENING!


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