That academic type..with a saturated creative brain

You know… The academic ones… The intellect.. Im one of them. I love school, I love learning, being challenged is a thrill. It’s hard though.. My theology classes are mostly men. They are all really smart. I get frustrated sometimes..I can’t always keep up with the train of thought but you know what…?

I actually am really creative. I love art, (most people don’t know that) I taught myself how to cut hair, boys and girls, both with razors and scissors. I can decorate anything, have been told to study art and that I have a gift for languages.

My mind moves a mile a minute, im always thinking about a jillion things, I write like I talk, and talk like I think.

Sometimes I just want to get up on stage and pray what I feel, dance what is exploding inside my soul.
Spin around, swing my arms and spill my heart to the tune.

Those of you who go to my school can picture this, sometimes at night I bring my computer to max chapel and play worship music loud and dance around on the marble floors. I was in dance growing up, even in highschool.lots of people don’t know that either.
I twirrled baton, and did gymnastics too.

I was even a nerd…I was in speech. My coaches tried to get me to do debate but I didn’t have time.

Tonight I’m listening to 95.3 praise fm thinking about the people who don’t even know Jesus. Children who aren’t taught that love comes from God.

I want to dance on a stage, offering the Rhythm In my veins as intercession for the lost. My emotions are overflowing for those trapped on bondage.

I’m still an intellect, my heart and my head are only separated because of sin. You weren’t designed to operate without them both.

Come Lord Jesus.

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