music makes me want to blog

this morning at caribou again.. see i told you i basically live here…

i got a cooler and a scone and started listening to the new music i downloaded for my summer project miix. (ron pope) Him and matt papa are my top picks this week. anyways in this song it says:

shes even far away at midnight and her laughter haunts my dreams// i aint never been this broken//ive got nothing left to give//now im serching for salvation as the winter closes in

it got me thinking about my devotions this morning and how even  though I got in the word yesterday morning, as i was crawling into bed last night i was feeling empty and lonely because of the disappointments from the day. I realised how  much I crave the word of God which is the very living active words of my creator. It reminded me of my need to be dependant on God all the day long, and not just when I cant figure something out or when Im hurting. Hes not a crutch.. or a cast.. God is the blood in my veins. (col 2:17)

This morning I was reading the second half of chapter 5 in the gospel of John. It talked about Jesus being made equal with the father and how God revealed his will to Jesus while Jesus walked the earth. It reminded me of how I CAN hear God’s voice and be in tune to the Holy spirit all day long as I walk through life. Im not alone and I dont have to live like I am, cuz Im not alone. Praise the Lord for his guidance. Turn to him wherever you are, whenever. Hes there and he ready to show you The Way, The Truth and The Life. (John 14:6)

Please pray for all of our hearts to be sheparded by what is truth.


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