so I recently set my home page on the internet to which is a great web site, (more so for moms, but photogrpahers will love it, and those who are pursuing Jesus). The reason I like it as my home page is that it plays a cycle of classical music that is great for listening to while blogging, doing homework or getting in the word.

Anyways, just went to caribou this morning for what seems like the 80th time in the last month. I pretty much know all the employees here.. I got in the word, answered and sent emails out, started studying and have been hanging out getting my mind situated on things i need to accomplish this week. But in the mean time I was reminded of the need to SET our minds DAILY on the truth. (hebrews 3:13) (Romans 8:5)

With that in mind, I have realized that I surely lost sight of what is holy and pure as I have been seeking to satisfy my flesh in the moment over the last few days. I met someone at work who was really compelling and hung out at their house until 4 in the morning the other night and although I probably shouldnt have been there alone, for that long into the night, even though nothing bad happened… the Lord totally worked through the situation. My roommates were all really hesitant to let me go and constantly were checking on me all night, but I felt the peace of God work through me.

I learn about his life and was able to speak truth to a lot of things. I dont think Ive ever been that bold with the gospel and how it has the power to change someone. I got asked questions that everybody dreams of getting asked when desiring to share who Jesus is and What he did that overflows into what the Spirit continues to do today.

Id love to share the whole story but I cant out of respect for His life and privacy but it was incredible to see the Power of God work when we are obedient to live like and talk like Jesus is thE single most important thing we live for. At one point in the night I had to stop myself from laughing out loud I was so overjoyed with what God was doing. I wanted to dance and jump around the room.


go and be a light in the darkness. and please pray for my friend at work that he would fully embrace the gospel truth, let go of his past and run fast at our lord Jesus who is waiting for him to come home.

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