project 2012 update

Hello supporters!

I officially confirmed for the summer training project today as 6% of my support is already in!

Good news: 2 girls i have been praying for are going to the project, Sara Kallhoff and Sydney Gerstl. I’m really excited for both of them and can’t wait to see how God will change their hearts. You can be praying for them both and continue to pray for the girls I will be leading.

I’m getting more and more excited but am having a hard time staying disciplined with homework before the end of the school year arrives as my jobs keep me really busy.

I’m also praying for the people in Al Aroub, the refugee camp I worked in last spring. I am thinking about going on staff with CO when I graduate but have a heart to go over seas and am trying to work out details for moving back to the Middle East.

I have decided to just work in the fall and then God-willing finish my last 2 semesters of school in the spring and fall of ’13.

Love you all bunches, feel free to e-mail me with any questions or words from the Lord

<>< Malachi 1:14

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