planning for the future

Hey supporters. I jsut wanted to update you on some things I have been praying for and some things you could be praying for other than the recent posts.

1. I am going to summer project again this year as a room leader and so I will be leading 3-4 girls. I have been planning and praying for them for the last few weeks and this is what is on my heart: A. that God would be softening their hearts now for the gospel truths they will be hearing all summer. B. For me to fail publically in front of them, that in my inadequacy Jesus would look more beautiful. C. For my sin to draw them closer to Jesus, not push them away. 4. For my own growth on the project, that I would not be distracted by leading or the world around me but that my eyes would continually be set on Christ.

I also have been praying for finances to be sufficient. I may be taking the next school year off to work, I may take just the fall off, and I may take just the spring off. Im trying to figure out which is best because at this point I probably wont have finaces to cover my expenses of going to project and school all of next year in order to graduate in May of 2013. I have big decisions to make but am trusting the Lord will show me in due time.

Please pray for the 6 remaining girls on the soccer team who applied in their deciding whether or not to go to project. There are 3 of us committed and we are praying for 6 more to commit so that there would be 9 of us. We are very excited about the season and planning for a team trip to the phillipeans the summer of 2013. We want our team to continue to host Gods presence and feel that the more girls on the summer project, the more the gospel will be evident in the lives of our teammates during the school year as the transformation that God often brings to lives of those on the project continue to be molded and strengthened as an out pouring on the campus.

please also pray for my heart as God has brought me into the valley. He has been refining my heart through the flames and so I’m asking you to be praying for my heart to be fully leaning and trusting in his grace and not my own. I have to fight daily against the what ifs and the has beens. My goal is to be set on eternity and the person of Jesus Christ that my sin would not dictate my life but that the gospel would.

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