a life of evangelism and displaying the communion ones heart has for the love of their life.

tonight i went to one of my best friends houses to hang out and relax. We first drove downtown to go to overflo and drink raspberry white chocolate mochas and study greek for a few hours. We ran into her brother sam and then drove to hudson for the night.

Now her family is greek so obviously we spent the night communing and conversing around the kitchen counters. We made homemade greek flat bread and dessert pizza. I walked into the restroom and there is a bible and devotional books on the back of the toilet. Bible verses all over the walls and quotes about how to live a life worthy of the calling we have been called to. Salem’s mom has post-its of people and names to pray for all over the cabbinits and half way through the night a beeping music turned on her iphone and shes like “oh there is my prayer alarm, everyone pray for Bethlehem Staff right now!” I was like wow, everything about this house is about living a life of following Jesus. Im so blessed to know people who are centered on the gospel and relationships because thats what its really about right?

I want people to be in my presence and know.. yup she loves Jesus. no doubt about it. #truthbetold I want to die to self and be ready to serve the God that gave me real life. praise the Lord.

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