pulling me closer


I’m coming to see that its the cross that provides security. Until you obtain that security, your life is touchable, shakable, and ready to collapse. Forgiveness seems impossible when you are not putting your foundation, faith, value and acceptance in what King Jesus did for us on the cross. You don’t have security untill you are secure in the cross. Im fighting my self daily to put hope in the gospel and not my own desires, my own plans, not even in the tangible things around me. When I dont fight, my sin consumes me. I cant even see the foundation when I am not in submission to the Lord of all creation. Sin is so blinding, and it saturates our minds quicker sometimes than we can even tell we are drownding in our selfishness. To die to ourselves in humilty bowing at the throne needs to be a daily submission that re-aligns our hearts and our minds to the truth. Setting our hope not on earthly things but on God and his promises.

We have to see that to realize anything is to have eyes for something; making it real. SEt your eyes on the truth and it comes alive, it makes it real. I want the reality of who Jesus is and what he did to be more readily seen in my heart and mind and life that His love oozes from every word I speak, every action i perform and people become drawn to me by the attributes of God that are displayed in my life. We should be so in love with Jesus that everything else that matters, solely points to his glory.


When we see your face Jesus, when you reveal yourself to us your goodness we are consumed with your power and mercy. We must fall on our face with unmatched love and admiration for your majesty. It will be worth it all when we meet and see your face King Jesus.

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