As I listen to the revelation song, I sit and think to myself. When I see the king of Glory, when I get to meet Him face to face It WILL be worth what this earth caused, all the pain and the hurt and the sorrow.

My papa is with King Jesus dancing in the glory of His majesty. I cant wait to meet Jesus face to face, but I cant believe my papa is already there. I miss Him. I long to see him again and to be with him alongside our creator.

Papa I loved how you are my one and only. Only you are aloud to call me sweetheart. How Only you bought me the top-of-the-line stuff. How Id only listen to you when you told me to eat beyond being full. Only you could make the best omlets and grilled cheese with soup. Only you could yell at the pizza man for nothing at it would be funny. Only you would make a skii-trip a 48 hour ordeal. Only you would invite people over and offer them “cat-pee” to drink. Only you would yell “let me see the whites of your eyes.” only you would get away with not answering and giving us the cold shoulder until we walked into the room. Only you bought me the things I wanted without asking for them. You always knew. You gave the best presents. Only you would make dinner at 1030 at night. Only you would cry to cheesy 90s worship songs. Only you would know all the songs on christian radio… by heart. Only you papa were my yes man. Only You made me smile when disciplined. Only you papa. only you.

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  1. amen, sammy! I still hurt alot missing him. certain times of the year really mess things up for me, like now in the winter, I’d hear your dad, whisper on the phone.. “duuuuuuude…. Afton’s calling our names” … I’d come up with some lame excuse to sit on the couch or computer, then I’d get my own bee in my bonnet to LIVE … and he’d say, “Welll!! Come on, brother!” I am ashamed of myself in these areas of my walk with Jesus. I hang my head a lot and cry over what I lost. I want the devil to pay. I KNOW God didn’t take your dad or my mom (also a believer)… they both had visions to complete. Sickness and Death have to leave our midst. That’s all I can say, until I SEE it Manifest. Just asked Jesus to give your dad a sloppy kiss.

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