week seven: just the best (LORDSHIP)

This is my favorite speaker by far. EZRA GRIFFITHS, he’s on staff here at YWAM Orlando. One of the funniest and craziest men I’ve ever met.Basically he’s one of those people who can be rude but it’s actually funny, not rude.

Anyways, we are learning about LORdship. At the beginning of this weekend I started praying that Jesus would purge me of all that I hold more dear to my heart than Him. Sunday night at Status (church) they decided to make a 2 hour session of pure, whole hearted worship with area for confession, seeking wisdom, taking communion and receiving intercessory prayer. I felt a continuing press on my heart to give stuff to the Lord and felt lead to pray harder for a pure heart. I prayed all night for people but mostly that God would continue to purge me of impurities.

soo… Wednesday in small group we each picked a name of a girl in our group and took 20 min to ask God for pictures, words or verses for them. My small group leader Kristen got my name and said that God told her he was going to mold my heart into a heart of purity, that I would be a pure women of God but right now he was about to throw me into the refining fire. She said that he told her right now he was in the process of refining my heart like you throw Gold into a fire to burn out the impurities. AMEN! That is EXACTLY what I had been praying for.

Ask God for big things, for him to reveal your sin..to purify you..to show him his plans instead of your own.. ask him for patience, for what it means to really love. HE WILL ANSWER.

As I know this next season will be refining me, please pray for strength to let go of my control, plans, dreams and expectations as He is going to mold my heart toward His.

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