Week 6: pathways to maturity

There was a young woman who went out for a walk. It was a beautiful sunny day; Warmth on her back and mountains casting soft shadows in the distance. The sounds of nature sang, surrounding her as she walked in the fragrant meadow.  She looked around as the dim breeze blew her hair across her cheek as she breathed the air in.  An area under a large fern tree welcomed her, strolling over she found a bed of grass. She lay down.


In the distance crept a mammoth Tarantula the size of a kitchen table. Big and black and dirty as an old tire. It’s hair stood on end making it even bigger.

The woman was completely unaware.

The spider black and smooth like oil crept quiety closer and nearer.

The woman lay there oblivious to the immanent danger.

It advance quicker and faster.

She lay there smiling.

It walked upon her toes and crept up her body

moving as smooth as a snake.

Until it got to her face.

Its feet gripped the ground on all the sides of her body and enveloped it.

She did not run, she did not even scream.

No she did not.  She lay there not even phased.

No, instead she smiled as it started stinging her.

She smiled and kissed its belly.

She kissed it with passion, with infatuation.

She continued to kiss it as its poison consumed her to the death.

That is what sin does to you. Love it to death. Or put death to its love

(Word of mouth story from Joy Dawson written by Charis Fossen)

Our speaker (Steve Shamblin) told this story of what the Lord gave Joy dawson a picture of when she asked God how He viewed sin. He told her that we not only DONT hate sin but we love it. We kiss it, we submerge ourselves in it and we certainly love it more than God.

I was ashamed at my habitual unrighteous habits. consider yours


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