week five. compassion or anger?

This week we have been learning from Al Mcbryan about the nature and character of God. We’ve been talking about the view people have about God and his compassion towards us versus his anger toward us when we sin.  first I want to encourage you to look up what it says about this in the bible here how God is always SLOW to anger but ABOUNDING in love and compassion.:

psalm 86:15, ps 103:8, ps 145:8 proverbs 16:32, pr 19:1, and joel 2:13 among many others.

we’ve been debating lots about free will and predestination, what well-known pastors in america think (we even started talking about piper!) so cool!! anyways, its been really interesting because Al’s teaching style is answer a question and 45 minutes later he still isnt finished, we’ve been on 8 rabit trails, loked up multiple structure and still havent touched his powerpoint he intended on teaching us for that class. to say the least, coffee is a must to pay attention the whole time, you blink or day dream about a oy back home for even a second and you have no idea what rabit trail he is on.

today he told us a story from the book, “what is so great about grace” by philip yancy. He knew this guy who was telling him about a visit he took into some city. He ran into this prostitue who started telling him about herself and she ended up asking for help. She could no longer support herself by selling herself and started selling her two year old daughter to guy who wanted kinky sex. She made more money with the 2 year old in an hour than she could in an entire night. She knew it was sad but knew that it was the only way to support her addictive drug habit.

did your heart break? or did you just get angry at the mom. Your heart should break for this two year old.. but it should also break for the women. She was sold into this industry. God’s heart hurts, and he gets angry but he has compassion for these people. The guy asked her if she has gone to the church for help. She asked him back, “why?”

we dont need to hear the rest of the story, except to wonder why she asked “why” should there be any reason she feels so abandon from the church? Are we really welcoming her into our community like Jesus came to heal the sick, or are we fostering our church like a hospital that only tends to the healthy? Question yourself when you judge someone, are you welcoming them in like Christ did or are you rejecting them like the rest of society? Does your heart break for them and rejoice when they return like the father in te story of the homecoming of the prodigal son?

I challenge you this week to reach out to someone you normal would judge. Invite them to feel God’s love, just like God has when you make mistakes.

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