top 20 things from week four

20.a critical part for us ‘in’ Christ Jesus is to have a demand that God is good ALL THE TIME.

19. the devil, he produces a counterfeit delight

18. Are you bored or facinated with your relationship with God?

17. how equipped are you to enjoy god?

16. I have a long way to go because GOD is  infinite and I can never stop enjoying him.

15. to get to any sort of delight, you must first pass through discipline, all starting with a desire.

14. courtesy is born from respect and honor

13. God is illogical  in his extravagant love

12. if you run away from one thing, you have to be running toward another thing. Stop focusing on the thing you are running from but where you should run to.

11. Our love is only a response to His, it’s not possible to initiate, He already did.

10. When Jesus said, “follow me” in Mark 1:17 he’s saying, “Dude, just follow me, I’LL make you fishers of men. You just have to follow me.” He’ll do the work in others when you trust him by just following.

9. before he was captured by her, he was captured by her value.

8. the fall has deeply perverted our ability to recognize value.

7. based on absolute truth, the more you submerge yourself in something or someone, the more you know and understand their value.

6. To undertand the real and true value of something you first need to see the true value of yourself.

5. What does your heart hold at the highest value?

4. Why is stil part of the what untill it fully becomes a revelation of understanding that motivates change.

3. You are held fully responsible for the revelation you recieve.

2. To believe is to act as if it is so.

1. Dont judge, you don’t know who your neighbor is becoming… remember the day Jesus changed your life?

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