week 8: Crazy Mary

Money was due today for outreach: PRAISE BE TO GOD. Basically all came in within 7 days. $4700 came in within 7 DAYS!! AMEN!

This week the Lord has been speaking to me about giving. About giving ALL I have. Including a few objects I really enjoy. It’s crazy though how for worship and warefare we prayed for hunger across the globe, and I was to pray out thankfulness for what we have in America. Man did the Lord not only give me a heart for thankfulness but for giving away my things. They aren’t mine anyways. Ask the Lord this week to give you a revelation abut how much you have. GIVE SOMETHING AWAY!! GIVE TILL IT HURTS!


i love Jesus with my whole heart. ecstasy is the purest form of bliss waiting to be experienced by the human race as a whole. When Jesus penetrates your heart, soul and mind your body falls fast alongside the joy that shines brighter than any light created. seek Jesus as the way the truth and the life.. only by him can this bliss be achieved.

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