April showers, bring may flowers

Its raining, and today I’m at caribou instead of Starbucks but only because I wanted to get a sandwich for lunch from Bruegger’s Bagels next door.

Although I love the rain, today it feels extra dreary. Maybe because for the first time since last August I am working a 6-shift work-week. Don’t get me wrong, I love serving at the restaurant but I am tired! I don’t feel the greatest but thankfully tomorrow I am having surgery to fix that. (last summer I started getting stomach aches and after 9 months, the doctors finally decided they think its my gall bladder.) Praise the Lord for his faithfulness in that less then 2 weeks my doctors were able to fit in 4 appointments and my surgery because my insurance changes on Thursday.

I will be on the couch for a week and looking forward to every minute of naps, popsicles, movies, spending concentrated time in the word, reading 2 books I’ve been meaning to catch up on and writing notes on all my support cards soon to be post marked.

I’m praying that the showers of April, the chaos, noise, appointments, scheduling, and frustrations of miscommunication will be fruitful in the blooming garb of May. I am excited to begin a regular summer schedule at Good Earth (where I work), celebrating my brothers High School graduation, spending a week at training in preparations for moving in the fall and numerous other things that come with the changing of seasons.

Here are a few pictures of one of the fun things I did do this month.

Farkle at J. Arthurs with the small group
Farkle at J. Arthurs with the small group

shake that dice and roll 'em
shake that dice and roll ’em

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