May Day

Today is May first, commonly known as May Day. Last year when attempting to pick out flowers for a lady in my small group who was in the hospital, I informed a friend that I don’t really like flowers that much. He told me comically that if, “God forbid” I was ever in the hospital or sick he would bring me a bundle of asparagus. I laughed because it was funny and half expected him to show up on my doorstep this week because I had been in the hospital.

No flowers were on my door today, nor were any bundles of asparagus but as I was laying on the couch some yellow buds caught my eye. They were blooming in the back corner of my yard. My little sister and I decided to brave the cold in our bright colors, barely convincing us of the promised approaching spring.

We found some pretties and enjoyed playing fetch with our dog in the crisp air. It was an incredibly beautiful day to capture the blooming garb of May I’d been hoping for earlier this week.






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