Last week I had the privilege to speak at the Undergraduate Theological Conference for the second time and was even more privileged to be asked by the keynote speaker, Mark Talbot, Associate Professor of Theology at Wheaton College for a hard copy of my paper and my e-mail to stay in touch. I was blessed by so many students’ wisdom, research and confidence to present sometimes controversial topics. I think its an incredible honor to be accepted and even to attend an event where you get to hear so many different things from the students at other Christian Schools struggling to fight for continued undergraduate academics in this field.

I by no means have conquered the problem of evil, or fully understood the weight of earthly suffering but I have experienced a taste of it and want to share with colleagues the heartache I have felt in wrestling through theology. I hope and pray this is a blessing and an encouragement for those who have suffered and who need to hear that God is indeed Good, near, and able. Here is the PDF of my Evil and Suffering paper. Feel free to comment, and or criticize. I know its not exhaustive and needs improvement. I am still being conformed to the image of God’s son and with that comes mistakes and faulty ways of thinking.



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