if money wasnt an issue, I’d pack my bags, and get on a redeye flight headed straight for paris…Right now.

I looooove pictures. I love seeing things for real, but there is just something about pictures that make you desire new things, to go places and to experience new life.. or old life.

I just saw some pictures of Europe and I want to go so badly. Traveling the world gives you such a rush, your eyes are opened to so much more of everything than you even thought imaginable. There are people doing all kinds of things at this very moment. Gambling, shooting a film, drinking, getting married, taking pictures, snugglings, whining and dinning, and even starving, freezing and aching. Everything is happeneing all over right now.

I want to go there, I want to be there, I want to experience it all.

I want Gods heart, His eyes and his mind for the world. I want to see what He sees; both good and bad.

you know, honestly I have no idea if anyone reads this.. but somtimes I share probably too much of whats inside this body of mine.

on that note. im heading to hard copied, good ole fashion letters that stay in my journal.. errr diary. nope journal.

stay tuned. I go back to school in 5 days after being out for a year.

will have fresh things to say next week.

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