life as a nanny… for 4 kids under age 3

Im going to blog for the next few posts about my semester being a full time nanny for two sets of twins. 3 yr old boys and 2 yr old girls. Yes, they are from the same family, and are the parents insane? You would think so but they manage pretty well and really, its just about learning a few tricks. Surprisingly its really great that they each have a playmate, it keeps them busy most of the time, and although, yes, they don’t fight occassionally, they are incredibly caring for one another. I’ve learned a lot about kids, parenting, new things about myself and even about living life whole heartedly for Jesus through this job experience. I love these kids so much and wouldnt trade it for any other nanny job in the world.

Meet Jocelyn and Aaliyah (2 and a half years old)

jocelyn aaliyahJocelyn loves to snuggle, she is my touchy-feely baby and is always laughing, easily amused and is a complete risk taker, you have to watch her because she will jump at you without notice…even if its down 9 stairs.  Aaliyah is my thinker. She loves to organize and sort things. She is self sufficient and very compassionate. Anytime one of them is crying and it wasn’t because she took a toy away, she goes straight to them and asks, “Jocy.. are you okay, Jocy?” They fight more than the boys but are really well behaved.

Meet Bennett and Ethan:

bennett ethanBennett is my emotional boy. He can get really dramatic but is really fun. Bennett is the first to ask questions and will most definitely be inquisitive. The boys are much better than the girls at keeping themselves busy and are almost always playing together whereas the girls start playing together and tend to do their own thing faster. Ethan is the best listener of the 4, hes always respectful and easy going. He will do almost anything you offer or suggest. May be a dangerous thing as a teenager 😉



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