so my life.. I love it.

each and everyday I am learning more and more about how to find joy in the season of life that the Lord has us in. I constantly have to remind myself that this life is not my own and that it is for the purpose of Glorifying God by knowing Him, serving Him and making Him known among the nations.

I HAVE to fight to forget about the little things that I complain about and remember how short this life on earth is compared to eternity. The last 24 hours have been a struggle to find satisfaction in more than just the moment in front of me. BUT Im so thankful the Lord is constantly reminding me of His promises and how

1. Its not me who saves people. Romans 1:16

2. Jesus paid it all, I have nothing left to give

3. I MUST forgive because Ive been forgiven of far more

4. I am called to walk in humility, because Pride is ungodly, and unattractive and humilty exalts Jesus and loves others (phil 2)

5. Jesus loves me SO much that my unnoticed effort here on earth will be rewarded in heaven, when we boast in front of man, our reward is paid in full by him (matthew 6:6)

God IS good and His timing is perfect so before I complain about my circumstances  I have to look back and think to myself, alright, here we go Samm. God DOES have something neat for you and has something planned so wait for it with patience and rejoice in his sovereignty. Amen?

alright welp, having my beloved small group over tonight so I need to get cleaning and prepping for them. Love you readers.

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