Who has professional parents?  Take that as you wish… From parents who work in the business world to parents who are professional at being parents. My point here is that communication is half the sending and recieving but half the place in which it came from. The role that the communicators have to eachother. I read the Interactional View Theory this weekend by Watzlawick and it described exactly what I am teaching the class today. Communication is largely dependant on the roles of the people communicating. Watzlawick mentioned the importance of looking at a relationship not as A-> B-> C->D-> because it’s really more like X=A/B- (c  x  D) +4a its complex! X is a completed factor of a lot of different varibles. It isn’t just and A to B to C equation.

Watzlawick also talked about the recurring cycle of problems. Someone feels neglected so they push away. In result of the pushing away, they start to become more loved, and come back in. Things are fine, they start getting neglected and so the cycle starts over.  But the argument is from your own choice to make decisions. This theory was heavily reliant on other people. It was easy to see blameshifting and members of the relationship basing everything off of each other. I believe you can’t do that. Yes life is a constant action_reaction movement but you have full control over your actions and reactions.

We talk a lot about in Campus Outreach about being guilty for doing nothing and the complacentcy of not judging, not causing tention. Avoiding conflict and a messy situations are ideal because we not only dont want to confront things but we also dont want people to confront things in us. It goes along with the way people deal with conflict like talked about in the chapter.

My family has strong accountability and presses in pretty deep, we ask questions and walking away is not an option. You never hang up, you never slam a door, you don’t walk away and things are generally discussed before you go to bed.

I like the way my family relates because generally we get along, rarely do people raise voices and it’s a happy place. I like going back to my house because it is always a time for laughing, bonding and memories. We spend a lot of time getting to know eachother by asking about daily things like “how was school today?”

“what was the best part?”

“did you learn anything today?”

“anything crazy happen?”

and usually these things spark other topics that lead to dis closing more information. Having a tight-knit family is fun, and enjoyable; I wouldn’t want anything else because I see other families that have a lot of issues or problems and thank God for blessing me with a family that loves each other and gets excited about staying close.

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