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  family… when i think of family i think of my own version of the taylor swift song “our song” she says our song is slamming scren doors, sneakin out late, tappin on your windows. When I think of this, i think of how her relationship with the guy is fun, and its about the things they do together, the memories they make not the emotion they feel. My mind drifts back to the things that my family does together, the momories we make. This weekend i went to the vikings game with my best friends family and although they got the tickets for free it made me think about the families that spend lots of money on going to sporting events, or my other friend matt. His dad is a wholesale car dealer and so he switches new fancy cars about every 10 days. (that doesnt cost him either) but regardless families spend their money in different ways and my family chooses to spend money on vacations. We’ve been lots of places together and I can’t even remeber a year where we only took one vacation.     This is my family at the cabin. We spend every memorial, and labor day weekend together. We also go out on fridays with a select few and tube, ski and hang out. This picture is half ‘real’ or biological family and the other half is my grandma’s best friend and her family. We’ve grown up being together for 3 generations so we call each other family. We spend every holiday with them too.   This is when we went to the black hills after i graduated. We had never been to SD before so it was really fun because it was an entirely new experience for all of us. That trip was fun because we all were making new memories together, no one really had anything to expect so it made it fun because nothing was a disappointment. This trip also was fun because it was a lot of time in the car. My siblings and I switch between the long bench in the back seat of the van to sleep and watch movies, but its funny because we’ll plug the DVD player in to the speakers and dad or mom (who ever is driving) wll just listen as we all watch. Miracle is a movie that never fails to make it in the car. Its a family favorite, not only because of the hockey but because my step dad was in a hockey camp as a kid by Herb Brooks but also because a family value is to never quit and always try your hardest. This movie is a great depiction of that.   its not letting me insert any more pictures, I can in the next post but i was going to talk about our trip toFlorida in my grandparents timeshare every year in the 9th week of the year (the week Feb. and Mar. connect) or going to St. Louis to visit our family there is about every year and a half we make it down there. For the last two summers i have gone to Myrtle Beach and next summer I think my family might take a trip down to visit me!!I’m really excited for that trip! These two trips have been a huge part of my life and so I’m very excited to share what I’ve been learning down there with my family!! :):)

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