As I mentioned below, my Daddy passed away this summer. He is very dear to my heart and it has been hard, like anyone would expect but easier honestly than I thought. Although my step mom and dad were most recently together, my mom took care of most of the coordinating along side my dad’s mom and step father. Yes, it does change communication as was pondered in class today. Sometimes its very difficult to hold my tongue when people bring up death to far off related family member and talk about how hard it is because they have no idea what its like for me.

My dad is a believer, and therefore is now in heaven with Jesus his savior. He is pain free and full of joy. He was ready to go and although it was unexpected I’m more full of joy in the Lord now than ever before. I watched the prosperity gospel by John Piper (bethlehem babtist)

over and over this year praying for an experience where I would be able to cry out to God in sadness with utter reverence at his consuming love for me, in midst of excruciating pain. He is enough, God IS ENOUGH.

I’ve come to a place where I’ve learned how to rest in the Lord which has been more than an overflow into my other family members. It’s incredible to see the possibilities that awaken from things the world sees as disaster. I have been able to share the gospel with more people through the death of my father than ever before and am incredibly thankful for the opportunities God has given me to be strong when I very well can be weak.

this turned into less about my family and more what the lord is doing in my life in relation to my family but, if you think about it please please pray for more opportunities and hearts to soften through this time.


lead me to the cross

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  1. Hi Samm..Thanks for your postings. I appreciated your frankness about your father’s death. I am so sorry for your loss. In time you may wish to share it with the class.

    I like your postings. You have a healthy frankness about you. I would ask that you do pay attention to your grammar, punctuation, etc. Please shorten your paragraphs. It is so much easier to read. Thanks for sharing your heart. Great start. Can you invite friends to comment and read?

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