my family is very large, and they all get along quite well. I have 6 different Christmases, a new experience at every other holiday because something changes every year. traditions are huge in my family, which probably attribute to the fact that I’m not too fond of change. I’m excited to start my own family but honestly very nervous because I know that some things I will have to compromise and give up.
The first picture (starting on the right) is my mom; my little bother,spencer; my little sister, Tori in front; my sister Tanya (a year younger) and then me and my step dad greg.
in the second picture is my older brother, Dane, and my other little sister Monica.
This is my daddy, he passed away this summer. I miss him a lot but he’s with Jesus now and that makes me happy. I’ll see him again and that day will be full of joy.




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