After I finished my class june 22nd (which I had gotten as an extension from procrastinating) I really wanted to commit to being where I was at. I had been irresponsible to finish my class on time and that really kept me from fully “being” at project. I decided I really wanted to live in the “here and now” to take advantage and use of the place God had brought me. Therefore I didnt make as many phone calls, send texts, write e-mails or blog to those not at the summer project. I really tried to invest myself there.

But now I have been home for about 6 weeks and I am thankful for the rest and transition into a very new season. I decided to take the fall off of full time school (just taking 4 credits online) and working. Thankfully, I got a job 3 weeks ago at a resturant at Rosedale mall called Flame and I am planning on serving as much as I can there until the spring semester rolls around. (hoping to graduate in Dec ’13 after one more full year of classes.)

I am still involved in campus outreach but pretty loosely. I have decided to continue to be lead by an older woman on staff and attended the fun events as I pursue deeper friendships with women instead of “leading.” I also have decided to join a shepard group with 20-somethings at my church (Bethlehem Baptist) which is a small group of about 12 men and women getting together to study the Bible, pray for eachother, the church and the nations as well as build friendships that seek to serve and love one another. I’m really excited to grow and learn with these people and experience new healthy places in friendship with women but men as well.

I would love to share more but so much has happened so feel free to ask and shoot me an email. I have new and changing plans for the future as well as ideas for ministry that were sparked from the one girl I mostly gave my life to this summer.

and now I live to bring HIM praise as I see there is no one else for me. None but Jesus, Crucified to set me free. free from the laws of sin and death that I might live to righteousness. I am free indeed

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