The ClubHouse Room tour: Master.

When I start to get stressed out, its usually because things have piled up; and not always physically. In order for me to sort out whats going on inside of me, I usually need to clean up and organize the space outside of me. A clear space is usually my starting place.

Every morning I wake up, draw my curtains, open the blinds, and make my bed. It starts my day with light, discipline, and order. Having my bed made makes my room feel 10x more clean, even if my desk or clothes are not. Here is an argument about why making your bed every morning is important (read it, just trust me).

Making my bed also gives me a clean space to place other things in piles on my bed in order to organize the rest of the room. I don’t clean and organize at a certain point each week or month; truthfully It doesn’t help me to schedule that way but I do make certain things a priority daily, weekly and take the rest day by day. Not everyone is the same, some people really need a schedule but I’ve learned that taking care of myself looks like listening to what I need and not always getting hung up on a schedule, routine or check list. I’m a bit more spontaneous when it comes to most chores.

Here is what my master bedroom and bathroom looked like for most of the last 2 years I lived in Huntington (when it was all tidy and clean) .

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