First week of Living in Lebanon

A friend told me they have so many questions for me so I figured I would just write them a top ten and then thought y’all might like to see it as well. Here is my list from my time this almost full first week.

1. There are no driving rules here, (thankfully we walk everywhere) thus it’s terrifying to j-walk but we do it all the time. Eye contact and confident movement is key for not getting hit.

2. The water on the edge of land is black. It’s really polluted and nasty, prob won’t be swimming here except if we go to Pigeon Rock which is gorgeous. We had dinner there tonight.


3. I’ve been sick and its aweful cuz my belly hurts all day long; making a good attitude hard to have but my head cold is going away so that’s great.

4. My jet lag makes getting up to do devos in the morning easy. I usually get up between 630 and 730 and am alone for at least a half hour if not more.

5. I don’t love the food but part of that is learning menus and part of it is being sick. We’ve eaten out every meal so far except breakfast. ON the plus side, I know most of the main fave restaurants in the area.

6. I love our apartment, it’s awesome. We have guards outside that make us feel really safe. We have an awesome balcony overlooking basically a greenhouse and it’s like a 5 min or less walk to campus which is down the street.



7. Learning Arabic is fun, we have new words each day we practice but learning money conversions is hard.

8. The power goes out everyday for about 3 hours and sometimes extra so we rotate houses for meetings depending on who has power at certain times.

9. It’s crazy hot and pretty hard for me to adjust to not be sweating all the time. Ishhhhhhh

10. I love it here, I went to a University movie night at the theatre and it was my first time making friends and definitely the highlight of my week. I’m really excited about the student retreat next weekend to meet more people and make new friends!

Bonus: they have caribou here! so weird to have a Minnesota native plus.



The Week of Goodbyes

This is a season of change. For many thats starting school, for some its new jobs and for others its watching their kids start school for the first time, or maybe for the last time. For some parents, its becoming empty nesters, or beginning a new life together. For some its adding a member to their family and for others its just the change in the weather. Whatever your change may be, it brings joy and it brings sorrow. There is so much excitement it the starting of a new season, a new dream, a new job or accomplishment with the new stage of life but thats not always the case. For some its the reminder of a loss, perhaps of a loved one, maybe the reminder of another year having not accomplished a dream, or of infertility, or of adoption papers having not been processed.

The season is just about to change, the weather is dropping and the leaves are beginning to turn as school started this week, the fair ended and our lives are taking on new things. Perhaps is appropriate to say that fall is by far my favorite season with pumpkin spice latte’s, crunchy leaves, jeans, scarves, and sweaters. Its time for football games with wild rice soup, chili and hot apple cidar. This season is full of fall ball, (soccer of course) and the biggest change, I guess, I’ll ever experience: the move of a lifetime.

In less than 10 days I will be leaving the country to start a new adventure of learning, and growing and making new memories. This time is surely a time of joy as I am preparing to fulfill a dream I’ve had since returning from the Middle East in the Spring of 2011. I am getting to do what I’ve thought and planned and prayed about for so long which is incredibly sweet! I know there are a lot of people out there that cant say that, so I know this is an absolute grace from above and a blessing to be cherished with my utmost.

So far I’ve said goodbye to co-workers, many supporters, a few friends, my old team, my coach and my grandma. I’ve been prayed over countless times and blessed by so many kind words that sometimes it hinders the real processing of leaving all that I’ve come to know and to love.

I know that saying goodbye as I walk through the airport doors will be filled with sorrow and tears but it will also be a time full of so many ideas and empty lists to fill. I’m thankful for all of the times I’ve had this summer to spend talking and playing and making memories that will last so far beyond this season.

May the Lord give us all grace in time of change, to accept and to cherish and to look forward for all the things to come. I love you all so much and can’t wait to share in this new adventure with you, thank you for being apart of what God is drawing me towards.

Here are some of my favorite memories from this summer: