Say “Cheese!”

GOOD NEWS! I made it to 50%. Not by Sunday night technically but I am at 50% now!

I have 50% to go in the next 22 days. That is wild, but whats even more wild is that God is constantly meeting my needs. As I mentioned in preview posts, I crashed my car, cleaned out my bank account to fix it and not to mention my camera fund jar too.

Driving home from a support appointment on Tuesday night I had a slight melt down at the lack of money that is in my possession, the number of people I have yet to meet with in order to reach my goal and the number of admin tasks to complete sooner than I have time for.

I have 6 books to read, arabic to begin practicing again, more phone calls to make, appoints to be had, thank you notes to stamped and mailed and on top of that remember who to follow up with. PLease pray for my sanity this week, its starting to hit overload.

I am becoming more nervous to meet with the people still on my list with no idea to how they will respond. Its funny how that works because most people I meet with are like tickled pink to give, which you would think is not weird but in all honesty its so scary to ask people! Thankfully awesome things happen that give you courage.

My first time (summer after freshman year of college) raising support my parents (sorry mom and dad) were not to keen on me doing it; I don’t think support raising was understood well and they really wanted me to make money to pay for school. They didn’t want me not to be able to pay and then end up having to come home again like I had the middle of my freshman year. Now they rebuke me for judging people and encourage me to just be myself. They remind me that people love me, are for me and are not going to yell “HOW DARE YOU! (throw coffee in my face) GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!” haha which sounds so funny but Its true, when raising support its scary to share your deepest excitements with someone, ask them to give what they’ve earned to provide for you. We start to believe a lot of lies about our worth, our vision and our journey but thats how Satan creeps in to discourage you from trusting the Lord has bigger plans. My parents remind me that God owns cattle on a thousand hills (psalm 50:10) and that He is never early, or late. He works in His own time and teaches us lessons along the way.

One of the things I was telling my mom on the way home from that meeting when I was having a meltdown this week was that I really really want the camera I had been saving up for. I told her I was SO SAD I didn’t think I was going to be able to get it alongside of all the other things I needed/wanted before I go. She reminded me I can’t have everything and if thats what I really wanted then that is what I’d have to sacrifice the other things for.

I went out to lunch with some family the next day (yesterday) who had already given me a grand at Christmas for this next adventure I had been talking about for a long time. After telling them about my car and being sad about my camera, they told me they would buy the camera for me. WHAT?!?!?! Say “Cheese!” thats the craziest thing I’ve almost ever heard. Well craziest thing this summer I think. They know full well I planned to spend about 1,200 on it and still want to buy it for me. Praise God for giving me things I don’t deserve from some very generous hearts. Thank you grandma and grandpa for blessing me.

Be encouraged this week that God is working and moving in ways bigger than you can ever imagine. Don’t be afraid to dream, wish, hope, or ask for big things. God is Good, He is near and He is able.

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