Cold Water Challenge

I just want to point out that I was nominated despite my best efforts not to be for the Cold Water Challenge. If you haven’t heard: on Facebook if someone nominates you, you have 24 hours to jump all the way under some sort of cold water. Here in MN even though its May, its still cold. If you don’t do it within 24 hours, you have to donate $10 to cancer research. Not that I don’t want to donate money, I had rather nominate someone else.

I chose to nominate Carly Sellberg and Cam Ensz; two really good friends of mine.

Here is the video from yesterday when I jumped in the water.


i love Jesus with my whole heart. ecstasy is the purest form of bliss waiting to be experienced by the human race as a whole. When Jesus penetrates your heart, soul and mind your body falls fast alongside the joy that shines brighter than any light created. seek Jesus as the way the truth and the life.. only by him can this bliss be achieved.

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