I am currently training for my second half marathon and this week was mile 7. Sometimes I listen to music when I run and sometimes I just pray and think and let my brain process the hustle-bustle of life. Last week I had been with my little sister all week while my brother and parents were on Spring break so painting her room and running from activity to activity had me pretty drained. I was hitting overload with music because I pretty much have it running all day long so I decided to turn on a sermon.

Last year I had the privilege to attend the Children’s Desiring God (CDG) conference which focused on The Splendor of Holiness. I had really enjoyed Kempton Turner, Pastor for young adults at Bethlehem Baptist Church, so I turned on the message I wasn’t able to hear during the conference. I was challenged and convicted by the assumptions I make towards the young, the weak and the limited and motivated to look at my abilities as more powerful, influential and lasting.

You can find the talk I listened to here:

Watch Video

(To watch you must scroll down the page, the Title of it is called: “Great Expectations: Embracing a Massive, Christ-Exalting Vision for the Young People that You Serve”)

Listen to Talk

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