One Hundred Questions: A Get-To-Know-You Day

I’m pretty well known among friends for asking too many questions. I have a million and one up my sleeves and plan to add to this list as I feel suit. Here is a good start for caring for someone, processing with a loved one as the end nears or even for a first date. Some people freeze up and these questions can be helpful for youth group games, office parties or just someone struggling to get to know someone they’ve had their eyes on. Good luck and feel free to post as they’ve helped out!

What is your [favorite]? (1-10)

  1. Color?
  2. food?
  3. snack?
  4. beverage?
  5. sport/activity to play?
  6. professional/olympic sport to watch?
  7. color to wear?
  8. season?
  9. time of day?
  10. animal? 

This or that? (11-40)

  1. winter or summer?
  2. beach or mountains?
  3. hot or cold?
  4. morning or evening?
  5. afternoon or night?
  6. beef or chicken?
  7. tacos or pizza?
  8. dress up or grunge down?
  9. sox or barefoot?
  10. routine or change?
  11. dentist or doctor?
  12. pink or purple?
  13. green or red?
  14. christmas or easter?
  15. memorial day or labor day?
  16. powerade or gatorade?
  17. camping or hotel?
  18. roadtrip or fly?
  19. coffee or tea?
  20. math and science or english and geography?

What is your… (31-40)

  1. morning routine?
  2. bedtime routine?
  3. biggest pet peeve?
  4. favorite outfit?
  5. favorite kind of shoes?
  6. most worn article of clothing?
  7. first pets name?
  8. family described as in one sentence?
  9. most said phrase?
  10. “i have to have it” thing?

How did you…[age 18-25] (41-50) 

  1. choose what to do after highschool?
  2. deal with conflict then?
  3. make decisions?
  4. buy your first car?
  5. chose where to apply for jobs?
  6. decide who was attractive to you?
  7. love others?
  8. spend your money?
  9. get up everyday? (what motivated you?)
  10. waste time? 

Where… (51-70)

  1. Did you have your first kiss?
  2. did you live after highschool?
  3. do you like to eat out?
  4. do you find yourself most distracted?
  5. do you get most done?
  6. are you most “at home”?
  7. do you feel safest?
  8. do you get coffee?
  9. do you go to the movies?
  10. in the world do you want to go?
  11. is memory lane for you?
  12. do you go when you want to be alone?
  13. do you go to have fun?
  14. do you go when you need a quick meal?
  15. is your family from?
  16. did you grow up?
  17. will you never go?
  18. do you want to live someday?
  19. did you go to middle school?
  20. do you like to shop?

Would you ever… (71-90)

  1. go skydiving?
  2. bungee jump?
  3. stand up in front of a crowd of 1000 and speak?
  4. walk a tight rope?
  5. go camping into boundary waters for a week?
  6. run a marathon?
  7. rock climbing on a cliff?
  8. waterski barefoot?
  9. drive from NYC to LA?
  10. Bike 100 miles?
  11. go somewhere deserted for 2 weeks alone?
  12. go in a submarine?
  13. swim with sharks?
  14. eat a stick of butter?
  15. swallow a living cockroach?
  16. uproot your family to move to another country?
  17. adopt?
  18. coach kid sports?
  19. teach your profession?
  20. build/design your own house?

How.. (91-100)

  1. would you make dinner with 12 bucks?
  2. do you plan a vacation?
  3. do you budget for the future?
  4. do you get motivated?
  5. do you stay disciplined?
  6. do make big decisions?
  7. do you de-stress?
  8. do you feel loved?
  9. do you show love?
  10. do you keep a positive attitude?


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