last day in the Camp

Today was sadly the last day in the refugee camp. Us women got to work out in the fitness center this morning and funny how God works… We met a Arab lady who works with the UN in the camp who did a DTS with YWAM in Germany. She is helping us connect for long term projects in this camp!! Then after workout we went to one of the ladies houses (imell) and had lunch. Boy was it exquist! (i’ll blog about that after i get home when I have more pictures)

After we went to the Little Prince Children’s Center soccer game. We were able to get the jerseys ordered and printed all in time for the children’s game today! It was such a blessing to be able to provide jerseys, shorts and brand new soccer balls for this team 🙂

this was before the game, right after they recieved their jersesys. It was such an honor to be a blessing to these kids who don’t have a lot of money. Thankfully we were able to provide just in time for the soccer game! This summer, like i said previously; they will be traveling to France to compete against 12 other countries in a tournament!

This is on the game field, yes cement at the UN school down the street from the center we work in. They ended up losing 6-3 but played really well for being a younger team.

Last but not least this is me with the team. I got a matching hoodie to the teams jerseys. It will be a reminder to pray for the team and their journey to meeting Jesus Christ the Messiah. I really hope to go back for spring break next year to see the kids and work at the camp for a few days, possibly setting up things for long term work after graduation. 🙂

this experience has without a doubt changed the way i look at my purpose in life, our call to be with the world, Jesus’ desire for the world and even politics. PLEASE pray for the Holy spirit to continue to move in this camp.

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